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AGRIBUDDY setting up a marketplace for brands and rural consumers to connect engage and transact.

AGRIBUDDY’s Buddy network exists in all the farming communities covered by AGRIBUDDY. As our data-gathering platform permits us to predict income streams and timing for rural communities, and demand for consumer goods, we are tying up with brands to service this demand on our marketplace.

This makes it possible to offer credit purchases for consumer durables and other such items, credit and servicing being handled by our Buddies. Direct marketing and brand building by manufacturer becomes much more cost-effective when driven through the AGRIBUDDY network.

Financing and collection is also improved because of the Buddies’ “social capital”, that is, their relationships within the community.



Number of BUDDY registrants
600+ buddies

Number of farmers under BUDDY
30,000+ households

Number of AGRIBUDDY app users
20,000+ users
* It is a total of Cambodia only.