Crop trading


How AGRIBUDDY helps Grameen Euglena manage and support its contract farmers in Bangladesh Many foods indispensable to the Japanese population are foreign imports, for example, “sprouts” (germinated green mung beans). Most of the 60,000 tonnes consumed by the Japanese market every year used to be imported from China. With rising prices, however, Japanese companies like Grameen Euglena selected Bangladesh as a post-China supplier of green mung beans. Using a structure of 8000 contract farmers who are trained and guided to produce mung beans of a quality that can be exported to Japan, Grameen Euglena closely monitors every farmer to ensure that yields and quality of the product are consistently high. Grameen Euglena社 Farmers benefit from higher and more predictable prices for their product. AGRIBUDDY has developed technology tools that enable companies like Grameen Euglena to closely monitor and support their contract farmers in near real-time and respond to changing demand and supply cycles and market trends.
Some other crops that Japan needs to import:
Maize (395 billion yen) Soybean (178 billion yen) Sesame (21 billion yen) Mung bean (12 billion yen) Pepper (6 billion yen)


9,000+ Farms

Total transaction amount
$ 1 million+